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Writer's Block: Adult Onset

I had a bunch of interesting dreams last night. In the first one, I heard that Rose had died. I was in some building and looked down about a story below and saw her floating in a bathtub-like pit in a murky blue liquid (no, it wasn't toilet water, it was a darker blue than that). It caught me off-guard, because I knew she was dead but didn't expect to see her body. An orange cat walked over, somehow grabbed her under the arms, and pulled her out of the blue liquid. At first, it was a cartoon cat (Garfield?), then it was real and looked sort of like Bouncer. After I woke up, I realized it was probably Lucas. But when the cat pulled her out and sat her on the ground, her eyes opened, and she was alive again.

In the next dream, I had a great big garden (the size of a small field) with a wire fence around it. But nothing particularly interesting was growing in it, I think it was just full of weeds. A herd of wild horses was inside, about 20 of them, in all different sizes. Most were light brown and white, but there were a couple cream-colored ones. I thought about shooing them out of my garden but decided to let them stay, since I like horses and the garden was full of weeds anyway. As I stood watching them, I realized there was some sort of tournament (jousting?) going on nearby. There were 4 knights, and I guess they were special somehow, but I only vaguely remember seeing them as cartoon characters.

Then I stood outside what was apparently my house, only it was next to a bigger building (maybe a modern-ish brick castle), and it was connected to other houses with a network of hallways. I guess there was an SCA meeting on my lawn, so I ran back inside to put on some garb. As I ran back to my door, I realized I was wearing an elaborately-decorated blue, green, and gold gown of some sort. It was pretty neat, actually, though I tend to go for the more androgynous tunic-and-pants garb. (Ah, how I love pants. Especially in the heat of August, when I really don't want to feel my sweaty legs brushing against each other.) I went into the hallway towards my house, and I kept walking past people I recognized (I think the Jonas brothers were there at some point). When I got to my door, I saw that it was open, wondered how long it had been that way, and then heard sirens (I probably did hear them in my sleep). I started to panic and realized I had to hide, although I had no idea why the police would be after me. (Maybe I killed Rose?)

Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?

Age doesn't really have much to do with it. Physically, you're an adult once you finish puberty. Mentally, socially, emotionally, etc., it all depends.

I'll be 26 in 3 months (gahhhhhh), and I don't consider myself an adult. I'm basically a cross between a little girl, teenage boy, and crazy old lady. There's no middle ground.
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