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Writer's Block: Daily Grind

Describe your morning routine.

My cell phone alarm (a ringtone version of the Queen of Night's aria, only several octaves lower) goes off at 6:30. I grab the phone and hit the snooze button until 7 - 7:15. During this time, Yarmulke and Bouncer will usually crawl all over me and/or lick my face to say "wake up, Lazybones," and sometimes they'll attack my phone. (There are teeth marks all over it.) I finally sit up, wait a minute for my body to adjust (I am an utter zombie upon waking up, and I tend to be disoriented at first), pet the kitties, and then go downstairs. I'm sure you don't really want to hear about my daily shower ritual, which has a set order, so I'll skip that. After my shower, I open the bathroom door, and the kitties immediately race in and jump in the bath tub. (They love drinking shower water for some reason. One time, the drain got clogged, and when they ran to jump in, Bouncer stopped as soon as she saw the full bathtub, but Yarmulke jumped right in, freaked out, and sped out of the bathroom soaking wet.) I go upstairs and get dressed, and half the time, Yarmulke will come back and rub against my legs until her little gray yarmulke is wet and matted. Once I'm dressed, I towel off my hair, brush it, and go to hang up the towel in the bathroom. I bust out the kitty treats to lure the girls out of the bathroom so I can close the door (otherwise, they'll shred toilet paper everywhere). Then I put on my shoes, go down to my car, and drive to work.

And that's my story. It's pretty boring. My life is pretty boring these days. Ah well. Better boring than crazy, I guess.
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