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I actually managed to get out of the house this weekend. Whoooooooah. Stuff I did:

- On Friday, I went to the *sings* hiiiiiiigh schooooool musical, which was "Footloose." I enjoyed it. Daragh played the cop, and once again I got a kick out of seeing my little bro in eye makeup (although I couldn't make fairy jokes this time).
- I spent most of Saturday glued to the computer, of course. In the evening, I went to this awesome southeast asian place in Pittsburgh (we were going to get Mexican food, but the place closed early) and then saw the symphony.
- I spend most of Sunday at my dad's, eating pancakes and watching The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger was a deliciously twisted Joker, and I enjoyed it immensely) and Wall-E.

Also, hi Katie, I know you're doing a search to see if I say anything about you. LOOK, YOU GET A MENTION TODAY. You should feel special. Even though you're not. (Ooh, BURN!)

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