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So, I just watched "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." Wow. I am so proud to live in Monroeville right now. We have zombies AND porn. Really, what more could I ever ask for? (Ok... maybe trannies, ponies, and swarms of kittens, but that's Monroeville's future.) I enjoyed seeing familiar sights in the movie. Hey, The Golden Corral! Their food sucks! Right across from Ralph's Army Surplus, where I... bought camo pants 10 years ago! And the mall, which is no longer filled with zombies but has a little mini-museum in the back of that new geektastic toy store! Woooo, go Monroeville!

I totally need a "Monroeville Zombies" shirt. Yanno, I bet they sell those. At the mall.

...I still haven't seen "Dawn of the Dead" yet. Of course, it will probably make me go to the mall even less than I do now, but hey. Zombies!

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