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Writer's Block: Divided Self

*sigh* Life's full of so many tough choices. My current dilemma: Do I get the pimped-out sexy laptop of my dreams, or a decent but not-as-awesome one for half the price? See, I'm going to be on the thing pretty much constantly, but if I go for the more expensive one, that means basically eating ramen for two months. (Not that I mind.) Hmmm...

Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?

Only slightly. I'm definitely more open and better at communicating online. In person, I'm very shy, socially awkward, and have a really hard time expressing thoughts. It's so much easier for me to communicate in writing. It's less personal, and it's easier to be open when I can hide behind a computer. When I'm with someone or on the phone, the whole social element throws me off.

Otherwise, I'm basically the same. Except you can't see how short I really am online. When people I originally meet online meet me in person (we're talking friends-of-friends and certain trustworthy groups here, I don't just meet random strangers), a lot of the time, they say things like "WHOAH, you really ARE short! I didn't think you'd be THAT little!" But yeah, I'm this weird in reality.
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