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people's answers to my survey crack me up. maybe tomorrow i'll post them all with the REAL answers and my reactions.

i'm wearing my new "sugar daddy" shirt (guess why i got it hehehe). my psych group gave the presentation on how britney and christina are whores and bad role models. i got to talk about record sales and how kids don't like them any more. before the presentation, i was standing behind the tv, and a girl in my group thought it would be funny if i did a puppet show for my part. hehehe... anyway, prof. bailey said my webct posts are hilarious. i guess he really liked the "mr. ade" post where i was responding to the "what if you were the opposite sex?" question. i said i'd be a midget transvestite, but i'd have to grow a goatee or something so people wouldn't treat me like an 8-year-old. hahaha...

I was Ginny Weasley at the Harry Potter character quiz @

actually, i didn't think i'd get her. but she's nice despite her obsession with harry. mr. crush is dating someone else right now, but he's still really friendly towards me, and i have the feeling a certain guy friend likes me, but i could be wrong... oh well. ginny is cool. cj says i'm like hermione and she's like prof. mcgonagall (NOT the maggie smith mcgonagall, though). oooohhhhhh, i get to see harry potter tomorrow, i'm sooooooooo excited! *bounces around happily*

Pretty!  I'm a buttercup!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!

i like buttercups! they're cute! but daisies are my favorite.

Ummm...I'm Wise.
Are You Crazy??Find out!

ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!! wise it is. and i AM crazy! muhahahahaaaaa!!!!!

Woohoo! I'm Blue!
Which Kid's TV Character are You?Find out!

i have blues clues kid slippers! they're size 12, but they fit me anyway! woohoo!

Ok...I have a Creative Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!

yup yup! me!

Oh NO! I'm PURE!
How Horny Are You? Find out!

i'm a purple baby! but hey, i may be a virgin but i have my vibra...nt uh, fantasies... yeah... ignore the buzzing sound coming from my room. it's the computer, really! *hides*

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