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last night i saw "priscilla, queen of the desert" at the AGP house. they were also going to show "too wong foo," but they couldn't get it. well, PQOTD was interesting. it was funny, yet i didn't really like the major characters. but it had enough drag entertainment to satisfy me.

harry potter today! yay! i want to see moaning myrtle! she's my favorite character in book 2! when i was at the hall dinner a couple days ago, we were talking about how the hall ghost haunts the bathroom this year, and i said we have our own moaning myrtle. most of the girls stared at me blankly, so i had to explain. it figures though, most of the people attending the hall dinner were sorority leader people who aren't familiar with HP. wait, i shouldn't make generalizations like that. i do know sorority girls who like HP as much as i do, and not ALL sorority girls are shallow. plus, i never know, some sorority girl could be reading this and taking offense. silly ade. whoah, way off topic.

well, i'm going to go shower, get dressed, and go about the day! might get pizza with a couple friends, yay!

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