Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Ok. After work, I am not allowed to watch TV or play video games UNTIL I DO MY TAXES. I'm going to spend maybe an hour on my bed with my laptop and various papers, Turbotaxing up a storm. (I'm completely brain-dead when it comes to financial stuff, so there may be some agonized hollering coming from my house.) And then they'll deposit my refund, and I will instantly be happy again, and I can go about my evening, playing Subeta or Runescape or whatever. MUST DO TAXES. TODAY.

I gotta say though, I love Bret Michaels sometimes. He really knows how to turn a potentially bad situation into a potentially awesome situation. "If you two are gonna have a catfight, I brought a lot of butter, and I'd like you to rub it on your breasts, alright?" 'Cause there's no argument that can't be solved by BUTTER WRESTLING! Yay! (Sadly, there was no butter wrestling in that episode. Sigh.)

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