Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

What! is your name? Madame Ade, queen of Adeville
What! is your quest? To wreak as much havoc as possible without actually hurting anyone!
What! is your favorite color, and WHY!? Rainbow! It's pretty!

Other... stuff...
If you had a pair of socks, that weren't tube socks, and you had ONLY the option of wearing this pair of socks, and one of these socks had a hole in the toe, which foot would you put it on and why?
Can I just go barefoot or wear my Blues Clues slippers? No? Well, I'll just squiggle the sock around until the hole is under my toes. A lot of my socks wear out in the bottom. The toes don't wear out because my toes are TINY and the nails are too short to do any damage.

Think quick! Your house/Apartment is on fire, you have time to grab one thing, what is it?
home: I'd grab the box of photos under my bed and leave the door open for Belle to get out and open the bird cage for Nicky to escape (if I can't take the cage, I can at least open it)
school: my computer, and I'd stuff the disks in my pocket and swipe my backpack before leaving

Why did you pick something so lame, you shallow bastard?
Hey, those pictures are important! And my pets are living creatures! Also, my computer is the most expensive and important thing in my room here, and I'd be lost without it since I'm such an addict.

You come home to find your significant other is wearing your underwear, do you find this sexy?
Depends on the gender. I'd be annoyed with either because they didn't ask (I HATE it when people touch my stuff without permission). If it was a girl, I wouldn't think much of it. If it was a guy, I'd probably giggle and want to play dress-up with him (break out the fairy wings and glitter!).

There is nothing in the house that you want to eat, but you have no money to go get food, do you eat something that doesn't seem appetizing, or do you starve yourself, you twiggy bitch?
HA, I have a meal plan! But if I was home, I'd just go to a neighbor's house and play with the kids and hope they invite me to dinner.


You walk outside and see a flying elephant, it takes a shit on your neighbor's car, what do you make of this situation?
I'd be convulsing in laughter in my driveway, and then I'd call to the elephant and ask it to take me with it!

Who are they? And are they really out to get you? If they are, why?
They're the ghosts! The ghosts of my relatives, the hall ghost, and the ghosts of people I knew, and they're watching me! I don't think they want to "get" me, they just like to watch me, but it makes me paranoid. I've asked the hall ghost to leave me alone, and she usually does, but I still feel watched all the time. I need my privacy, dammit (Janet)!

When you were little, did you ever think that a monster lived in your toilet? If so, what did it look like? If not, why was your imagination so stunted as a child?
Not in the toilet, but I had lots of dreams about toilets in my teenage years, and I flush and run because of that invisible 5 foot cloud of water and I hate the sound of flushing toilets. There was a monster under my bed though. In my room too. A vampire ready to pounce as soon as I opened the door.

So you go to a friend's house, and discover that they are dead, how do you react to this? Do you take a couple of their cds, you know that they'd want you to have? Why or why not?
I'd probably try to rouse them until I realized they were dead, then I'd probably go into shock and have a panic attack and then call 911 while stammering and feeling faint. Then I'd go to my friend's room and curl up on her bed while shaking uncontrollably until they came to take my friend to the morgue and me to the mental hospital.

There's that one person in class that keeps sniffling, and it's that annoying sniffling, you know that sniffle that sounds all wet, any way, they are too lazy to get up and get a tissue, don't you just want to swat them in the back of the head? Why or why not?
Hey, I have Tourette syndrome, and I had a sniffling problem around 6th-7th grade. My parents always yelled at me for it (they stopped after I was diagnosed at 15), and sometimes people teased me for it. It was annoying to me as well as them. But if someone else was sniffling, I'd hand them a kleenex.

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