Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

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Holy crap. There is yet another Ade clone out there, and this one is in the band Nightwish.

From gaea_truth's LJ:
But there's one lingering question in my head. ADE. Did you know you were actually cloned from a Finnish dude? Because the guitarist, Empuu, totally looks like you, and has a lot of the same silly. He's about a head shorter than the rest of the band, he's got blonde hair that does the little curly-ish around the face like yours did, ... I dunno, I kinda thought he walked similarly... and he was ALL OVER THE STAGE ACTING LIKE A TOTAL CHEESEBALL. It was so funny. He was throwing extra guitar picks into the audience, then he took one of 'em he was using, put it in his mouth, made some gagging-motions and then spit it out. Seriously, he was hilarious.

Oooh, I look pretty as a Finnish guy...

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