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well. today was eventful, sorta, even though i spent half of it on the computer. for lunch, i had some pizza (and cheesy bread!) with anita and amanda, so i didn't have to eat the dining hall crap. this afternoon, i saw the new harry potter movie with a bunch of the argo folks. i really liked it. afterwards, i had dinner at mckinley's with some of the guys.

it's been a few years since i read the harry potter books, but i was still able to follow the movie, and not everything was predictable. so here's what i thought of the movie:
i thought they picked a good actress for moaning myrtle, but she had a weird voice. i don't know many chronically depressed people with squeaky, chipmunk-like voices. also, most people don't wail like that when they're crying. if they wanted to emphasize her tears, she should have screwed up her face more and had a wavyish voice - you know how people's voices get when they're crying. but aside from the voice thing, i liked myrtle. yeah, for some reason she's my favorite character in book 2. she really looked the part - a nerd with glasses and pigtails.

i want the gryffindor sword! so pretty! but harry needed to take fencing lessons, he was swinging the sword wildly and kept missing the basilisk. of course, harry had no idea how to fence, so of course he acted like that. but it was just funny seeing that.

in the wizard duel, i was really amused at how much the style represented fencing. when they saluted each other with the wands, it was exactly how we salute each other in fencing. we don't turn and walk a few paces, but we have to maintain distance. and then they assume the "en garde" position and raise their wands... that was cool. but they raised their off-hands above their heads, and i only know a few fencers who do that. a few of the people i saw the movie with are fencers too (the guy i got a ride back with had swords in his trunk), so we were commenting on that. i bet we'll be imitating them and throwing in HP references at the next fencing practice.

though the movie is supposed to be set in modern times, it seemed so... old-fashioned. colin had this ancient-looking camera when he could have used a nifty modern one with a small flash and zoom lens that didn't completely blind people when he used it. also, the possessed car looked really 50s-ish. and why do most of the adults wear their hats all the time? don't they ever get sick of wearing pointy hats with wide brims? i did like mcgonagall's plaid hat though.

the whomping willow was hideous. it didn't even look like a willow, and it whomped all funny. i always expected this nice-looking willow tree with insane, whip-like branches, not this ugly barren thing with stumps.

the spider scene was cool. so was the quidditch match. the phoenix was cool, but it looked really fake. so did the basilisk. the book-stabbing was cool, though the blood was kinda gross. bloody hell!

here's what confused me, though, and it also confused me in the book. the chamber of secrets first opened 50 years ago. that would make hagrid in his 60s and dumbledore probably in his 90s. no, hagrid looks like he's in his late 30s, and dumbledore looks 70-ish. that just didn't work. jk rowling should have made it 25 years if she wanted it to make more sense.

how did ginny write the stuff in blood so high up when she's a little girl? and where did the blood come from? what were the people thinking when they were petrified, or did their minds freeze too? how did the poor mandrake babies feel about being slaughtered to make the potion?

okokok, that's enough movie commentary for now.

i've done no homework. i started gathering materials for the final art project, and i partially carved a piece of styrofoam for one of the dragons, but that's it. i'm also completely neglecting this paper thingy i have to write. it's not for a class, but my faculty advisor wants her students to write this paper about a chosen career or something. well, i'm a writer. what's my career supposed to be? i know i'll have some dumb minimum-wage job for a long time before i actually sell anything. so what am i supposed to write?

This paper will be about my future career. I plan to be head burger flipper at Good Burger (Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?). Meanwhile, I'll be working hard on my writing, desperately trying to publish my novels while staying alive on mass amounts of grease and Zoloft. Once I am able to make more than $5 per story sold, I can quit my job, lose 300 pounds, and assume my role as an author. I will most likely end up with a substance abuse problem, 6 broken marriages, 3 rebellious children, and a weird hairdo. I will live in the middle of nowhere, and at age 47 I'll jump off a cliff holding the rejected manuscript of the novel I've been trying to work on since I was 17, screaming curses at society. When they peel the pages from my mangled corpse, they'll realize what a literary genius I was, and my novel will become a bestseller. All the royalties will go to my cat, who will live like a queen. So that's the story of my future career, and I hope Allegheny can help me reach my creative writing goals so I can keep my cat happy. Thank you.

i know, i'm not ambitious, and i can be so sarcastic sometimes it's almost offensive. well, it's late at night and i'm not even tired. *yawn* i think i just lied. goodnight.

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