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Writer's Block: All About My Mother

Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?

Technically, this isn't a movie yet, but...
MOLLY WEASLEY. She avada kedavra'd the hell out of Bellatrix. "Not my daughter, you bitch!" You mess with her kids, YOU'RE GOING DOWWWWWWWWN in a flash of green. She's one feisty ginger. Me like.

So, I had my mom, Bonnie, and Josh over for dinner tonight. I actually got half my house looking reasonably clean (I, um, had some help), and the food was good. So yay. And Bonnie really appreciated being invited, since I guess one of her daughters doesn't talk to her any more (from what I hear, the woman is a serious bee with an itch), and the other died of cancer a long time ago. I made apple pie too. Mmmm.

I also FINALLY fixed that broken water tube for the fridge icemaker. It broke at the end of June, and I finally repaired it... over 10 months later. (I did have the home warranty people come "fix" it, but it just busted in another place a couple days later, so I figured I'd just replace the whole tube.) And I did 90% of it by myself. (I did have to call my dad, since I had to drill a bigger hole in the floor, and my biggest drill bit was too small. Snicker snicker, innuendo.) When I went to the hardware store to get the replacement part, I told the guy (who was one of those older, salt-of-the-earth types) what I was looking for, and he found it and handed it to me.

Guy: You married?
Ade: No.
Guy: That doesn't scare you, living on your own?
Ade: Nope! *thoughtful pause* I have my cats to protect me.

(Yeah, right. If someone broke into my house, my cats would either run and hide, go up to them looking for food or snuggles, or just sniff the hell out of them.)

Spinster cat lady power! Rawr! (Maybe I should get a bigger drill bit, though...)
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