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So, I went to War Practice today. I brought Colin and Daragh with me. I think Daragh had more fun than Colin, but then again sometimes people need to be temporarily dragged away from their precious video games and experience something different. (I would know!) Then again, I suck at being a guide or deciding what to do, so we spent half the time standing/sitting around going "uhhhh... what should we do next?" Ah well. We watched some of the fighting and hung out with Vreile and stuff. So yay. It rained at the end, which made walking back to the car interesting. Despite the rain, I got sunburned. Gahhhhh.... my pastiness!

War Practice is fun, but Pennsic is a lot fun...ner. I should really go to more barony meetings and actually get to know people in my local group. (I went to one barony meeting and did talk to people, but that was months ago, and I should do more local stuff.)
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