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Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

1. My first house was on Latimer Drive, in East Lyme, Connecticut. I lived there for the first 4-ish years of my life. I remember the stairs going down to the basement, because in the first dream I remember, these bulbous purple and green aliens came in through the door to the garage, and one sat in the yellow chair.

2. We moved to a bigger house on Morris Lane, and it had a big yard. We lived there until I was 7.

3. When we moved to Florida, we lived in a condo for a few months while my parents were house-hunting. I learned to ride a bike there.

4. We lived on Woodlake Road for 2 years. That house was only one story, but it had a pool. There were geckos all over the place, and I liked to catch them (and the frogs in a nearby pond).

5. We moved to Pennsylvania when I was 9 and lived in that hotel in Monroeville for a few weeks (that one by Lowe's that hasn't been open for years, and I guess they're turning it into another hospital).

6. I lived at the Carriage Circle house the longest. My mom still lives there, and she's been renovating the crap out of it over the last couple years (it looks pretty awesome now, except my room doesn't look like my room any more - it's almost completely devoid of life and personality).

7. My freshman year at Allegheny, I lived on the top floor of Walker. My roommate Carrie was almost the polar opposite of me (either they paid no attention to what I wrote on that roommate preference form, or they did that on purpose), but we got along most of the time. I spent the vast majority of my time sitting at the computer in that room.

8. The first semester of my sophomore year, I lived on the top floor of Brooks, in a room on the corner. I had a double to myself, because the girl who was supposed to be my roommate got a single at the last minute, and nobody told me (or my RA, for that matter). That floor is haunted, and some pretty creepy stuff happened that semester. Also, I developed an intense dislike for sororities and their habits of screaming cheers and clogging the hallway when I just wanted to get to the bathroom.

9. Then Anita graduated, and the housing people told me there was a single available (I guess they wanted to put transfer students in the double), so I pounced on it. I liked living there better. Plus, the washing machines were down the hall instead of 4 floors below me.

10. I lived at the writers' house my junior and senior years. First I lived in one of the doubles (with Sara the first semester, then by myself), then I had the purple single. They tore that house down a year or two after I graduated. Sad panda.

11. After graduation, I lived in an apartment in Meadville. I was going to live there by myself, but then Nick said he wanted to stay in the area too, so he lived with me. It was a decent apartment, but living with him was a bad idea.

12. Oh, the crappy house on Beatty Road... that was a mistake. I liked the Deauville Park apartment better, but this house was a few hundred bucks cheaper. For a reason. It was tiny and rat-infested. But I learned my lesson.

13. When I was younger, it was my dream to buy a house and be independent and have a bajillion animals. So a little over a year ago, I made my dream come true and bought my first house. It's been an interesting year (mainly because most of the appliances are probably older than me, and a couple have quit working entirely), but I'm glad I bought it. Being a homeowner is awesome. Aaaaaaand, I can have as many cats as I want! Well, right now, I only have two, but I'm still fixated on getting a Maine Coon...

Other places worth mentioning: the cabin in Vermont (I've gone there every summer since I was a baby), Calvary Camp, the dorms at CMU when I did the pre-college art program, the Alpha dorms (awww, I miss Alpha), etc.

So yeah, I'm used to packing everything and moving all the time. Hopefully I can stay put for a while.
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