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In my dream last night, I was in a dining room, surrounded by ghosts. I don't remember whose house it was, because the layout looked unfamiliar. But I was sitting at the table, the only visible person in the room. But I knew there were ghosts in the room with me, and they were my ancestors. I don't remember why they were there, but I guess they were trying to communicate with me. I think the majority of them had died before I was born, and I don't know if they were all on my mom's side, but I knew a lot of them were. I closed my eyes and tried to tune in to the energy in the room and find out which ghosts were there, but I was having trouble. I knew they were there, but I couldn't communicate with them. So I leaned back, wondering if they would "catch" me, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud (or just my pillow).

I went into the kitchen, and apparently my great-grandmother Kiki was there (she also died before I was born), only she had taken the form of a friend I haven't seen in a few years. I started talking to her, and then all these old people came through the kitchen (presumably the other ghosts) and left, all talking to each other. I wanted to tell them to come back so I could talk to them and find out who they were, but they had gone. Then I looked over by the stove and freaked out, because I thought I saw the shadow of a hand on the wall and wondered if someone was behind me. But on closer inspection, it was a cup of kitchen utensils, so I started laughing and talking to Kiki about it.

Then this big, fluffy, scraggly-looking tabby cat walked in another door (there were like 4 doorways in this kitchen) and walked into the doorway of what was apparently a bathroom or something. It lay down, and I saw that it was bleeding a little. I knew it was one of my ancestors in the form of a cat, and it would have been beautiful if someone had groomed it, healed it, and cleaned it. I reached down to pet it, and it left a tuft of slightly bloody fur in my hand. Two people who may or may not have been ghosts walked in the doorway, and I asked what kind of cat it was. They said it was a Maine Coon (I figured it was), and I told them I've been obsessed with Maine Coons for a couple years now and really want one (though the bloody ghost cat wasn't for me).

I walked back into the dining room, and a bunch of people were sitting around the table. It must have been a mixture of living and dead, because my parents were there, and so were Nana and Pop Pop (both looking alive and healthier, the way they were maybe 10 years ago). I told them that a group of people had tried to communicate with me. Pop Pop said I should be wary of those people, and he wasn't sure it was a good idea to be around them. I wanted to say, "But they're the ghosts of my ancestors. And now you're one of them, because you're dead too." But then the dream ended.

*whispers* I see dead people!

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