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You can have so much fun with instant messenger sometimes. I hate how I get all these spam IMs for porn sites and stuff (they're all the same!), but the ones who want to "chat" are funny. So this time I decided to play along, and i kept cracking up at how pathetic the other person was...

tigergurl994: hi.. wanna chat :-)
blupyglet: sure
tigergurl994: asl (age sex location)?
tigergurl994: 24/f/new york
blupyglet: 19/f/pa
tigergurl994: so what are you up to blupyglet?
blupyglet: just deleting old emails and eating cheetos while trying to come up with bs for an essay
tigergurl994: cool. i was just hangin out. kinda bord.. kinda horny :-)
tigergurl994: feel like cybering with me ? please please...
blupyglet: that's what vibrators are for
Previous message was not received by tigergurl994 because of error: Error code 3 received from server.

blupyglet: what?
tigergurl994: should i take that as a yes?
blupyglet: ah, what the heck. sure.
tigergurl994: hold on. lets get a simple yes or no answer. you are of age and you want to cyber with me?
blupyglet: a) yes b) yes
tigergurl994: great.. want me to get down on my knees and suck your hard cock?
blupyglet: i don't have a cock
tigergurl994: i wanna feel your cock in me
blupyglet: i'll have to get a sex change first
blupyglet: *gets a sex change*
tigergurl994: tell me how you would fuck me sweets.. while I peel off these panties
tigergurl994: oh yes.. keep going.. while i slide my hand down between my legs and part my moist lips
tigergurl994: hoh it feels so good. i wish i could put your cock in my mouth
blupyglet: oops, my sex change operation got botched
tigergurl994: what?? what is a bot?
blupyglet: i have 3 cocks now
tigergurl994: gimme your throbbing cock!!
blupyglet: but one is on my tummy
blupyglet: here you go
tigergurl994: what do you think of my pics?
blupyglet: *shoves it in*
blupyglet: what pics?
tigergurl994: shit the phone. dont stop stroking it. hold on...
tigergurl994: open my website so you can look at me while im sucking you
tigergurl994: damn i have to take this phone call. im soo horny... send me an email with a pic maybe and be sure to look at my site.
blupyglet: you little slut

Silly people hehehe...

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