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I had a day off today, and it was disturbingly productive. I got more stuff done today than I typically do in a week. And yet, I still spent half of it on the computer. I got a new air conditioner and a new car windshield, and my dad and I planned the replacement retaining wall for the back yard. Oh yeah, and yesterday, I actually managed to do a bit of cleaning in the basement, which is impressive, because those of you who have been to my house know that I'm a slob. (I'm a lot better now than I was 2 years ago, but I still have a long way to go.)

[The following paragraph just proves I need friends who are real, local people, or something.]
So I was just playing the Sims again, and clearly the Sim storyline doesn't match up with the one in my head. So Annie and Andy are supposed to eventually have a daughter, but when I made their characters in the game, they ended up having 3 boys (Ganesh, Orion, and Loki), and then I gave up because they turn into old people in a couple days. But the weirdest thing just happened. Andy's good friend and former boss was over at their house. The game always makes people age up at a certain time. So this old lady just died in the kitchen at the same time Ganesh turned from a toddler to a child. The poor parents were simultaneously cheering and sobbing, and the Grim Reaper was floating around. I wish I had taken a video of it, but I had no idea the old lady was going to die that day. It was kind of hilarious. Suppose you had to be there.


...Right. I have no life.

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