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Whew. Finally back on the interwebs after several days of withdrawal (pathetic, I know). Here's what I've been up to:

Friday evening was the Dar Williams (and other bands) concert. It was pretty awesome, but I thought it should have been longer (that's what she said). Half the songs she played were from her new album, and I had to sing along with some of them. I also got to see a bunch of people, including Jen, Thom, and Nick and had Indian food afterwards. (By the way, Jen, the song was "the Ocean," from the album "Mortal City.")

I went to Vermont with my mom on Saturday. We bought new beds for Wilden (the Vermont house) and hung out with Kelly a lot. We got to see her house and meet most of her animals. We went to a miniature donkey farm, which was amazing. They had a ton of babies, and they were so friendly and adorable and soft and snuggly, and I kind of wanted to kidnap some of them. But Fat Hen (a local organic grocery store) closed down, so BOOOOOO. It had been doing well, but the investors decided to back out or something. But a bunch of people are getting together and forming a co-op, so that's good. We got stuck at the Philly airport on the way back.

When I came home, I thought my cats would be excited to see me, since last time I left for 4 days, they were all over me when I returned. But when I came home, they ran straight to my suitcase (they love sleeping on it and were spooning on it the morning I left) and started sniffing it all over (they probably wondered why I removed most of their fur from it, even though it's still pretty covered). Gee, thanks guys. I missed you too. But today they were more interested in hanging out with me than investigating "their" suitcase.

Last night, I had this dream that I went to some sort of weird strip club with Ben, Nick, and Derek. They were going to show some GLBT movie, and I was standing at the bar for a while, wondering what to order (I got an Alabama Slammer - yum!). There was something involving looking in different windows, and some guy in a Pedobear suit was in one of the rooms. They were also filming a children's TV show (yes, in the strip club, though there was a different backdrop), and I was cracking all sorts of jokes on camera.

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