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So, I have a new houseguest. My former housemate Carolyn (who I hadn't seen in like 5 years) asked me on Facebook if I could look after a cat for a while, since her neighbor moved and abandoned it. (Grrrr, what an idiot. Abandoning animals is just wrong.) I'm pretty sure it's a neutered male, and it seems pretty healthy. (I'll take it to the vet in a few days, just to make sure.) He's very friendly and cuddly, definitely a lap cat. He's a dark gray tabby. Yarmulke was cautiously curious, and Bouncer let me know she was NOT happy about having a strange cat in the house. She likes to think she's the Alpha Cat. I'm keeping the cat confined to one room until I get him to the vet. If he's healthy, I'll gradually introduce him to the girls. (Bouncer isn't a cat-hater, she's just feisty. She gets along with Yarmulke well, so she might just have to get used to him.) I don't know if I'll keep him or not (apparently Animal Friends has a waiting list), but we'll see what happens.
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