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Dear world,

Yes, Michael Jackson is dead. Yes, it's sad and tragic and all, and he was too young, and his daughter gave a charming speech. But let's face it. Death happens. It happens to all of us eventually, young or old, famous or obscure. It's really not as big of a deal as people seem to think it is. And despite his incredible talent, fame, and ordeals, he was nothing more than a creature of the earth that bit the dust. So celebrate the man (or... whatever) that he was, keep rocking out to his music, and GET OVER IT ALREADY. The funeral is over. You've had your closure. Face it, the vast majority of you never met the guy and didn't really know him at all. His work will live on, and that's what's important. Besides, he's free from suffering now. So enough already. Enough of the constant news, when far more important and newsworthy things are going on in the world. Enough of the weepy blog postings and pointless "he was a sick pedophile" vs. "no he wasn't" flame wars. ENOUGH! You've had your time to grieve and celebrate. Now get back to your real life. Calm down, dry your tears, and move on. Make dinner, do the laundry, feed the dog, and go see a movie with your friends. A year from now, this won't matter any more. And don't worry. I'm sure Michael Jackson is rocking out with Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and all the other musical prodigies that have left this mortal plain. He moved on. Now you can too.

- Ade

In other news, OMG HARRY POTTER MOVIE SOON YAY! Except that this is the book where Ron starts dating that codependent, manipulative, clingy, batshit crazy girl. I spent the majority of the book wanting to falcon punch Lavender and grab Ron by the collar, give him a good shaking, and say "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, IDIOT?" Oh well. Nevertheless, I'm excited, even though I know how it ends and will probably be depressed for several hours after seeing it.

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