Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

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Boy, nothing sends me into a crazy fit of rage like when the internet goes down. The thing is, it connects to my home network, but the network won't connect to the internet. My TV and phone seem to be having issues too (I have a FiOs package). Now, any normal person would just call tech support, but contacting an actual human being is always the last resort for me. I tried screaming profanity at it, but that seems to work better with cars than computers. Grrr. So I'm on my work computer, logged into Verizon, and they can't even access my billing info right now, for some reason, and their support section isn't very helpful, so WHAT THE CRAP. I JUST WANT MY INTERNET BACK. The orange internet light on my router taunts me. It's like, "look, everything else is working here EXCEPT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING MUHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

*stab stab stab*
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