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Ok, now I know that this works, I can update without worrying that my posts will be devoured with fava beans and a nice Chianti! Yay! But why do I keep getting these error pages when I try to do stuff? The server must be wacky tonight.

All right, here we have the answers to my survey, along with feedback from certain people.

1. am i a midget?
while i don't know of a genetic reason for my height, 4 foot 8 1/2 is short enough to qualify for LPA membership. i must have a growth hormone deficiency, since my family comes in a wide range of heights and even the shorter adults are at least 3 or 4 inches taller than me. i'm not really a midget, i just call myself one.

firelove: I think so.
gaea_truth: You're not a midget!!! You're ADE!! You're Special! [awww, thanks!]
darkestfaerie: hmmm well everyone is to me the giantess but no
spikeslustylove: Nope...not to me! But I'm realy tall

2. what do i have in common with the pope?
we have the same birthday (may 18, different years), but very few people know it hehehe

firelove: You dressed up as a nun once. [hmmm, now what would the vatican think of that?]
gaea_truth: You both eat cheese!
darkestfaerie: you are both human hmmm no I dont think he is a Bisexual, pagan or tori fan [hahahaha what if he's all of the above?]
spikeslustylove: You're strange.People are strange.

3. should i dye my hair purple, black, or blue?
i've wanted to dye it purple for years now, but thanks to the mannequin project, airplane toilet water blue is looking pretty good now...

firelove: blue and purple!!
gaea_truth: Ummm. Orange. Wait, of course -I'd- say that.... I think Purple might go nice with your skin tone... [heeeee, orange is YOUR color! it's more you than me hehe]
darkestfaerie: Purple
spikeslustylove: Purple!! :D :D

4. why do i like hedwig so much?
because she kicks a large amount of ass, i love the music, the movie is hilarious, drag fascinates me, etc.

firelove: because it's yet another wild and crazy awesome movie! :oD
gaea_truth: Who?
darkestfaerie: Cause the movie rawks I love it too and the music is great!
spikeslustylove: Cause she's a sexy bitch? [YES!]

5. what kind of trophy did i win in 4th grade?
2nd place in the lighthouse elementary spelling bee! i'm still proud of that, and one of my best friends won 1st so that was cool

firelove: hmmm ... it was probably for something artistic you did.
gaea_truth: The one for being the best smart-ass?
darkestfaerie: hmmm I dunno
spikeslustylove: A sexy bitch one. :D [when i was NINE?!?!?!?!]

6. which word makes me laugh hysterically for no reason?

firelove: TOILET WATER!
gaea_truth: ...... Omg. I did totally NOT forget, I swear... It's.. it's... "LAURA!!" ... wait. That one makes ME laugh hysterically...
darkestfaerie: I dunno that either
spikeslustylove: Ex-LAX!!

7. what are my issues?
oh, too many to name... by reading my journal, you'll find out a lot of them.

firelove: mean people and closed minded assholes.
gaea_truth: Your issues are issues 5, 10, 34-46 and 72 of "Wee Whoo Liikee Vooweels Moonthly".
darkestfaerie: hmmmm gawd I suck at this ['tis OK, hon]
spikeslustylove: people touchin your neck. [EEK i hate that!]

8. would i make a sexy drag queen if i was a guy?
i hope so, but chubby little legs don't look as awesome in fishnets

firelove: Yes I think you would!
gaea_truth: Maybe. You know, they do let girls dress up in drag too, as girls again or as guys. It's all the same to the drag Queens. [yeah, i was a little drag prince when i was around 7... that was interesting...]
darkestfaerie: Yeppers!
spikeslustylove: Fuck yes :D

9. have you ever been to my web site?
YOU should go there!

firelove: Actually yes I have and I've enjoyed it very much.
gaea_truth: YOU HAVE A WEBSITE???? []
darkestfaerie: nope:( I should though
spikeslustylove: YES!

10. why have i been down lately?
nana is dying of lung cancer, school is stressful, and a certain someone is dating another someone...

firelove: I've been so busy lately so I guess I haven't been reading as much as I should. I don't know.
gaea_truth: Cause ... uh..... You haven't seen Laura recently!!! [i saw her a couple weeks ago for a little while, but i still miss her...]
darkestfaerie: you are lonely?
spikeslustylove: Cause of an evil male. [he's not evil, he's just not available...]

11. if i was a tori amos song, which one would i be?
according to the test, "silent all these years," and that pretty much fits... though "happy phantom" is going to be played at my funeral, and i do plan to be a ghost somewhere and chase nuns out in the yard...

firelove: Rasberry Swirl [ooh!]
gaea_truth: Who's Tori Amos again? I do assume a singer..... @_@ [YES!!!!!]
darkestfaerie: hmmm I see Winter, Precious things or a sortafairy tale [ooh, i like those too, especially "winter"]
spikeslustylove: Um...that one you really like? [more than one, dearie]

12. what did i dress as for halloween?
a NUN, complete with a ruler and pentacle necklace!

firelove: a nun?
gaea_truth: You dressed as a nun, didn't you?
darkestfaerie: Something hedwig or rockyish? [next year!]
spikeslustylove: A NUN!

13. when i'm alone in my room, what do i sing along with?
whatever is playing, usually tori, hedwig, and rocky horror

firelove: ROCKY HORROR!! heehee
gaea_truth: "When I think about you I touch myself"? [hehehe... occasionally...]
darkestfaerie: Tori?
spikeslustylove: RHPS

14. what is my sword's name?
minerva, after the goddess and prof. mcgonagall

firelove: Billy Bob [that will be my *next* sword!]
gaea_truth: Godfried!
darkestfaerie: I dunno
spikeslustylove: Billy-Bob.

15. do my posts crack you up?
i have fun writing them...

firelove: Yes I love your posts!
gaea_truth: Yesh. -crack!!-
darkestfaerie: yeppers
spikeslustylove: Yesth.

16. do my sister and i have anything in common?
other than family and gender, no. we're not even the same species.

firelove: No
gaea_truth: You are both blonde, right? [i'm LIGHT BROWN on the outside, and she's blond on the inside yet dark-haired]
darkestfaerie: Iwell you are both female
spikeslustylove: Mmmmmnot much.

17. which breakfast cereal do i consume every morning?
rice krispies (yes, it's a NORMAL cereal... scary, huh?)

firelove: Maybe Trix
gaea_truth: ...... Life....? [ooh, that's my 2nd favorite!]
darkestfaerie: Cornflakes [they're ok, but i... *never was a cornflake girl* hehehe...]
spikeslustylove: Sugar covered sugar bombs?

18. who are dahling and gummi bear?
julia and elli, my swedish neighbors that i absolutely adore

firelove: some of your friends?
gaea_truth: Cats. I think. [hmmm... maybe i'll get some kittens and name them after the girls...]
darkestfaerie: Pets? [close enough!]
spikeslustylove: Um...?

19. do i eat ice cream in a cone or dish?
CONE!!! it's not the same in a dish! you ALL got it wrong! but then, you've never eaten with me at brooks.

firelove: a dish is the only way to go, with the cone you've got it dripping and smooshing and stuff like that. I hope you use a dish!
gaea_truth: ...... I would think a dish. I don't know why. It just seems more... Ade. [*sob*]
darkestfaerie: dish?
spikeslustylove: Off me, baby! Dish.

20. what do you think of me as a person (be honest)?
ade, i love you. you're the bestest friend ever, and i want to marry you and have your babies! wait... i can't do that. nevermind.

firelove: I think you are a wonderful person!! You are really quite impressive. I love reading everything you have to say! [aww, thanks! you're awesome too!]
gaea_truth: I MISS YOU ADE!!!!!!! -cries- [i miss you too, mommy! *sobs and blows nose on your shirt*]
darkestfaerie: I likes ya you are a really sweet Person!� [right back at ya!]
spikeslustylove: Short!! Ha, na. Wondeful, caring, loving, sweet. All around sexy bitch. :D I love you, Ade. :D [i love you too, spammykins, not like that but like that and... yeah...]

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