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Thanks for your comments on my lactastic dilemma. I did a bit of research, and I'm going to experiment with Lactaid and see if that fixes the problem. If so, YAY CHEESEFEST WOOOOOOO!

Also, a little clarification. I don't drink milk. I've never liked it, unless it has chocolate in it. My parents used to make me drink milk every night (so I could grow up big and strong - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA), but I hated it unless it had Quik mixed in. If I buy milk, it's only for cooking, and even when I buy the skinniest containers, half of it goes bad before I think to use the rest of it. So I don't know if milk itself does anything to me. Yogurt is fine and doesn't give me trouble, and apparently that's common. Butter is ok too, and some cheeses, like cheddar. The things that give me the most trouble are Monterey Jack cheese (I love Mexican food, but I suffer afterwards) and most kinds of ice cream. Mozzarella and paneer also don't agree with me, which is annoying because I eat them all the time. Apparently people with lactose intolerance can usually eat some dairy products with no problem, and it depends on the amount of lactose in it.

So I'll try the Lactaid and also test some fake cheese to see what it's like.

I also think I need to use "Lactron" now. He can have a brief cameo in my novel. (There are a few scenes where Annie goes to this big convention of the gods. She basically hangs out with her god-friends that she rarely ever talks to and goes to programs like Bragi's poetry reading, a panel about virgin goddesses in the 21st century, and a concert featuring The Atlanteans. She interacts with a bunch of gods - from well-known deities like Ganesha, Artemis, and Loki to more obscure ones that I made up, like Ruby the Transvestite Goddess, Grammar Goddess, and others. So Lactron can be her hero or something, because she's obsessed with cheese.)

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