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i just saw 2 episodes of kenshin tonight. bad idea. very bad idea. i was incredibly disturbed, particularly during the first episode. waaaaaaaaaay too much graphic violence, death, and blood for me. i realize that things were like that during the time period, but seeing it scarred me for life, even in cartoon form. bleeeeech! i had to leave after the 2nd episode to prevent any further psychological damage. remind me to never watch violent anime/cartoons/movies/etc. ever again. i'll stick with the happy, silly animes that make little or no sense but crack me up. i must clear my head soon, or i'll never write the 3-5 page "what i want to be when i grow up" essay (yes, i still only have the title) before i go to bed. and then i won't be able to sleep.

tomorrow i go HOME at last! and then to florida on wednesday. we're not having thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant after all, which is a relief because we've done that for at least 3 or 4 years now and i'm absolutely sick of it. i'm also sick of staying in hotels (especially with my sister), eating in places with too many people (even if there IS a buffet table), and i'd rather spend the holiday in north carolina. i want to be with my grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins, and i want to sit around the table in someone's home while the family passes huge bowls of food around the table and everyone is happy and katie and i are teaching little kara to say "beer" while she's belching and acting silly and dad is scolding us for encouraging her. what a run-on. speaking of my NC family, my dad and sis went down there for the weekend. katie babysat kara and danny (no fair, she got to danny before i did!), and my dad did somethingorother. lucky them. but as for thanksgiving, we'll eat in the condo since nana is too weak to go to a restaurant (we'll try to get her out of the condo so she can go see harry potter, but she might be too sick for that too). the whole famdamily (i learned that expression from uncle jon) will be there, even though my mom's side is rather small. that means nana, pop pop, uncle clarke, aunt cathie, uncle jon, and aunt kathleen will be there. 10 people is a lot, but it's my entire maternal family, since i don't have any cousins on that side. I'm not counting my 3rd cousins and their families, since we only occasionally see them in vermont. and if anyone tries to talk me into going swimming, i'll bury myself almost completely in sand, and they'll have to drag me out! either that or i'll hang out by the food/drink shack by the pool with my uncles. they'll probably order me a daiquiri or something, forget to tell the waitress i want a VIRGIN daiquri, and then forget how old i am (you 21 yet? no? oh, 19! well i'd let you have the alcohol, but those damn laws...). hey, another year and a half they'll be taking me to bars. no, my uncles aren't alcoholics, they're just very open-minded about drinking and stuff. even my dad is, sort of. my parents used to let me try sips of stuff, but i never really liked any of it (i used to like church wine, but that was 12 years ago or something). and then there was the "christmas eve incident" 2 years ago where my dad accidentally got drunk and fell off my sister's scooter, skinning his knee really badly through his pants and then insisting he didn't need a bandage or anything because he was "tough" even though his knee was just shredded. he still feels guilty about setting such a bad example, but it was actually a good example. i learned what happens when someone gets drunk, and while it was hilarious, i wouldn't want to end up with a mutilated knee or worse. but this summer my dad and i stopped by a friend's house on the way to vermont, and the guy offered us a beer. that's right, US. my dad said i could have one, but i didn't want one. i can't stand the taste of alcohol, it's just... icky. especially straight vodka (i remember my first taste all too well and how it burned and i had a huge coughing spell). blech. i'll stick with my apple juice, thanks.

all right, i start by talking about thanksgiving, and i end up talking about drinking. hey, it's almost 10. i guess i should be productive now. i updated this journal like 5 times today. silly ade!

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