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Experiment #1: Taco Bell

So, I decided to test out my new magic lactose pills tonight. I figured Mexican food would be a good starting point, since the cheese always bothers me. So I got a 7-layer burrito and a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell. The burrito is usually ok and has a minimal effect on my stomach, but the quesadilla has given me trouble before. So I took the pill right before eating.

It's been a couple hours. I don't have that weird feeling in my belly. I have a slight feeling of maybe-I-shouldn't-drink-that-raspberry-tea-that's-sweetened, but that's about it. Hmmm. I'll consider this experiment a success. I'll try the pills with other foods that have given me problems and see if it helps. If it means I can eat anything I want at El Campesino again without suffering later (aside from ensuring that people will leave me alone in my own little "cloud"), I will be overjoyed.

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