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a) The "lie" in my last post was #2. I'm allergic to scallops, not oysters.

b) I'm back from Pennsic. I'm slowly recovering. It was a fun time, for the most part. Here are some of the things that happened:
- We didn't finish my yurt in time, so I just used my tent. But I will definitely have a yurt next year, and maybe I'll even be able to afford canvas to cover it, instead of tarps.
- For some reason, helicopters (apparently Blackhawks) kept flying over us in the morning. One morning, they even decided to hover for a while and swoop uncomfortably low. It was really annoying and definitely not period. We referred to them as "dragons."
- My friends are awesome, and I even met some new friends this year.
- Vince walked around wearing a loincloth and little else one day. I somehow managed to behave myself, even though a curly-haired 16-year-old boy in a loincloth was prancing around in front of me. Oddly enough, his mother didn't seem to mind that I was gawking at him all day. But I did take a picture. Muhahahaaa.
- I also bought leather to make Andy a loincloth, but he's not allowed to wear it around camp.
- Though he did accidentally flash the McGroyne camp after showering one day...
- I took some classes on sewing, making shoes, beekeeping, Norse mythology, etc.
- I managed to cut my finger while making dinner and got several blisters, but my injuries were minor. But Astrid fell and broke her hand.
- I taught Vreile to knit, and hopefully, she'll stick to it. (It gets easier once you know what you're doing, I swear!)
- I was good about being social most of the time. But one night, I was camp-hopping with Mary Ann, Vince, and Andy, and we were way down by the bog (so... much... walking...). There were a lot of people I didn't know, and I was starting to withdraw, and then by the time we got to the fire party (which was so crowded I couldn't see anything) I was really freaking out and had to leave. Eesh. I managed to calm down by the time we got back to camp, though. Do not like crowds. Do not like masses of strangers.
- On the other hand, the tavern party was fun (even though I spent most of it sitting around with my friends).
- 2-year-olds are cute when they're in good moods and not covered in snot. But when they earn the nickname "Banshee," I start to wonder what roast toddler tastes like.
- Giving horsey rides to a small child is ok. Having 200 pounds of children on your back at once is not so much fun.
- If I do get into fighting in the future, I don't know why I'd be going to war. Everyone else is fighting over my barony.

I'm probably forgetting other important things, but that's basically what I've been up to in the last week. Now it's back to the 21st century... woohoo...

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