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whew, so much stuff to do, so little time. i put in a couple loads of laundry so they'll be packable, and i just need to finish the last 2 pages of the essay, turn that in, give dave the extra credit paper thingy i forgot this morning, go to film class (assuming it's still happening today), sit through a 2-hour discussion, then quickly pack everything and tidy the room before dad arrives.

i ordered an ink cartridge, and it came today in this big box. why they pack a little 4 by 2 inch cartridge in an 8 by 12 box filled with peanuts is beyond me, but i'm not complaining. i was just thinking, "hey, i'm going to need lots of cardboard" anyway. i also ordered the "hedwig and the angry inch" cd (not the movie soundtrack, the broadway recording or something), but that will probably arrive in a day or two even though i won't be back until probably sunday.

now, must get to work...

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