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I just had another pregnancy dream. (No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'm sure. There's no way that would be possible, unless the gods are up to something.) I don't know how I got that way or who the father was, but somehow, I had a baby inside me. I was feeling ashamed and self-conscious, and I knew that when people looked at me, they were thinking "we know what you've been up to!" I didn't know why I had been so irresponsible, because if I was going to do risky activities that could potentially lead to babies, I would at least take proper precautions to avoid baby-making. But apparently my unconscious thinks I would be irresponsible if I was faced with that. *shrugs*

Apparently, a few random girls I went to high school with were also pregnant, and we were due around the same time. (Oddly enough, high-school-friend-who-is-seeeeeeecretly-pregnant wasn't one of them.) One of them gave birth to a girl, so a bunch of people were passing it around. I didn't really want to hold it, since I'm not particularly fond of babies. (I like kids once they're potty-trained and can string together a reasonably coherent sentence.) But they handed it to me anyway, so I held it, thinking "please don't puke on me, please don't puke on me..." Although I wondered if I would start puking, because I was also 9 months pregnant.

I wondered if I was really pregnant or was just a lot fatter, so I pressed my hand to my belly. I could feel another heartbeat through my skin, and I was suddenly really amused and wanted to tell someone "feel my belly! There's a heartbeat in there!" But of course, I didn't. I went to this place, I'm not sure what it was, but it had all sorts of tables and a couple pavilions. I was eating something that was like a cross between a sandwich and a cookie (I also had a lollipop), but they kept falling apart, and I kept dropping things, so I wanted to go to the water fountain and wash them off. This guy was making some sort of beef and mushroom dish and leaving it for people to try, I guess because he wanted them to go to his restaurant. I walked over to one table, and there was this huge cheese pizza there. I wanted some, but people kept coming and taking pieces, and I figured I'd wait for them to pass first (though I should have had priority, being pregnant and all). I went over by the bathrooms for a while, and then when I came back, there were a bunch of dancers in the room. I looked to see if there was any food left. There was some of the beef/mushroom dish, but the only pizza left was pepperoni. I was hungry, so I considered eating it, but figured that would be a bad idea. I already had a huge parasite in my belly, no sense upsetting my tummy with meat.

I went outside, towards some stairs. For some reason, the wooden railing used to be fuschia, but someone had painted it a pale bluish-green. Zan was on the stairs, so I started talking to her. I hoped she wouldn't be ashamed of me for getting pregnant, but she didn't seem to mind, although she was looking at me kinda funny. [Oh crap, I totally just heard a cat barfing in the kitchen... I wish Galahad would quit stuffing his face and then unloading half of it on the floor!] At that point, I knew I had hit the due date and was just waiting to pop the thing out. I also remembered that I was born a week late, so I wondered if this kid was going to make me wait. So I was talking to Zan while walking down stairs, and I thought it would be funny to hand the baby over to my friends and call them "Auntie" or "Uncle." We walked down a hill towards some sort of parking garage.

Zan's dad was standing outside the parking garage, and he said that he was having abdominal pains, and that meant I was going into labor. (Wait, what?) So my dad appeared and said he was driving all of us to the hospital, but we had to stop and get my former neighbor Helen first. (WHY?! She lives in Sweden!) So we went inside and got in this weird elevator. There were a bunch of injured teenagers in there, walking on crutches and stuff, and they kind of glared at me when I came in, and I felt bad. I kept wondering if my water was going to break, because it would be like peeing myself, and that would be awkward. We went up, and it was really weird because the elevator was just a platform with no walls or railings, and I worried I'd fall off. We went up to this big room that was some sort of lab. My dad said he'd take a picture of the lab. I was really dreading giving birth, because I knew it would be REALLY unpleasant. But I was curious about the baby and had the feeling it would be a girl. Then something weird started welling up in my mouth. When I opened my mouth to spit it out (it was half the size of my mouth by that point), I felt something brush against my arm. I woke up, thinking I had spit all over myself (I hadn't), and then I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish the dream. But Galahad came in and plopped down on my chest for snuggle time.

Oy. Pregnancy dreams are weird. I just keep telling myself they're metaphoric and mean that I need to work on my novel or something.

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