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According to my Wii Fit, I've lost 7.5 lbs since I last used it (in... May). I credit all that walking around at Pennsic (and eating Real Food most of the time, not just my typical bachelor chow of TV dinners and ramen). Yay, I guess. I totally blew off my health goal of Not Being As Horribly Out of Shape in 3 Months, but I set a new goal (that I will quite likely also blow off, because let's be realistic... I'm lazy).

My "husband" is so hot. Like, I probably should use a lap desk instead of having the laptop directly on my lap. I actually got heat rash on my knee where the battery is during a marathon Runescape session. Weee.

Galahad likes to sit behind me on top of the couch, but he keeps either whacking me with his tail or kicking me in the head. Thanks, buddy.

I have such a terrible tendency to get sidetracked while doing research. So, I was trying to look up local therapist types who specialize in social anxiety, and then I thought, hey, what about autism spectrum disorders? They have social issues too! And then I got distracted with the Wrong Planet discussion boards. (They're so interesting and often amusing.) And then I saw this: "Like those with Autism or PDD, persons with Asperger’s present with motor clumsiness. Fine motor skills, coordination, dexterity are just a few areas in which the child may present with a problem. Occasionally, facial tics (which are often associated with Tourette’s Syndrome, a diagnosis than commonly co-exists with AS) occur."

Yanno, that makes a lot of sense... then again, neurological/psychological quirks are so often intertwined. Boy, I'm such a psychology geek; I find all this stuff fascinating. (I think I read as much psychology articles/books as fiction, actually.) I minored in psych with no intention of applying it to a career, and I did pretty well (although I kept dozing off in social psych and nearly failed... of all the classes where I should have been paying attention...). Then again, Sex and Gender was definitely one of my favorite classes. (Any excuse for playing "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" in class is a good one.)

I'm always getting sidetracked. Bla bla psychology haha my cat is being a goof bla bla trannies bla bla nerdery.

I ramble too much. Weee. Ok, past my bed time... blew off laundry once again... but at least I got more canned food so the "kids" are happy.

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