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I've been dreaming like crazy this past week. In last night's dream, I was playing some sort of video game involving people. For some reason, I was trying to make someone get pregnant for whatever dream purpose I had, so I tried to make two women pregnant to speed things up in case it didn't work for one. (Usually when I play games that involve breeding, like The Sims, I'm very specific about who I breed, but I guess these were just random women.) But these women were rather old for childbearing (one was probably in her 40s, and the other was gray-haired and probably in her late 50s), so I didn't know why that was a good decision.

Then I was in a restaurant, and there was a party going on. I think it was supposed to be a Bork party, but I only recognized two or three random people, and the rest were imaginary dream-people. I was standing in line getting some sort of food (I think it was supposed to be a stuffed potato, but it kept falling apart.), and then I went to sit down. Someone handed me a few coins I was supposed to give to another woman. I was doing somethingorother and couldn't do it immediately. The woman kept staring at me, so when I finished doing whatever I was doing, I got up and handed her the coins. They had somehow multiplied until I had an overflowing handful, and there were a few dollar bills in there.

I left for some reason and met up with a guy and girl (I don't think they were actually real people, but they were young, maybe in their early 20s). We were walking down a road, and the guy was walking ahead of me while I pulled the girl in a little wagon. We wanted to go back to the restaurant (it was named Hobo Joe's and was apparently a Korean barbecue... WTF?), but we didn't know where it was. So we kept going down the road and eventually came to a big camp of Civil War reenactors, with a dead end to the road (it suddenly turned and led to a bridge, but it wasn't wide enough for a car). They were staring at us, I guess because we were being medieval and had stumbled into the wrong period. The guy and girl were in garb, but I was in mundanes. We stopped to talk to the people, and I decided to check my cell phone and some sort of GPS I had with me to see if I could find the restaurant. The girl was talking to some women there and said dramatically, "I'm talking to people... from the FUTURE!" It was even more hilarious in the dream, I guess.

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