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I had a bunch of veggies lying around, and I'm getting more at the farmers market tomorrow, so I cooked most of them tonight. I actually didn't undercook the potatoes this time, so yay. Sauteed mushrooms are love. And little baby patty pan squash are awesome. Mmm, tasty babies. And living alone means you can go heavy on the garlic! No vampire will come near me for a week, muhahahaaaa. Or in my shed, for that matter. I harvested the bulbs I grew, and they're in the shed now.

Galahad is such a faithful snugglebug. He's kind of like a dog. He drools a lot, he talks to you, and he's an attention whore. He'll come in my room at night and stand on my side, because he wants me to roll over so he can lie on my chest or next to my face. But having an 11-pound bowling ball on your lungs, breathing in your face is not very conducive to sleep.

A reporter and photographer from the Times Express came to the Sustainable Monroeville meeting on Monday. Here's the article. Hmmm, I should have given them a link to the new blog (sstnbl_mnrvl). But it's good we're getting exposure now. I've only been to two meetings so far, but I'm already pretty active in the group. There was also a speaker at the library on Tuesday, she talked about where food comes from and stuff like that.

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