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I had a silly idea for a game this morning. It's called "Reality Dating Show Bingo." You and your friends make Bingo cards, except instead of putting numbers in the boxes, you put specific characteristics of the contestants. In the B column, you could put physical traits (implants larger than her head, orange skin, tramp stamp, etc.). In the I column, you could put careers (stripper, makeup artist, aspiring model, etc.). In the N column, you could put things they say (like "you don't know me, bitch!"), and the free space would be "I'm here for you." (Yeah, right.) The G column would have various mental illnesses. (Every show has at least 2 or 3 people with serious, blatantly obvious psychological issues.) And the O column would have anything else you felt like including (such as "the baby-faced demon," "blurred-out commando moment," "the guy in the speedo," etc.). Then go and watch those crazy reality dating shows (the trashier, the better) and see who gets Bingo first.

...Yes, I think you can guess what I was up to this weekend.

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