Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

by the way, happy hannukah. i love jewish people!

i think i've had a cold for the past few days. dammit!!!! *kicks something*
i thought my throat hurt because i was having too many tourette syndrome episodes, but i guess i caught something. my aunt and uncle said they were kinda sick when they came down, so i might have caught it from them or someone on the plane. well, my throat feels a bit better, but my nose is all stuffy. and knowing me, i'll do nothing about the cold, go outside in the freezing weather without a coat, hat, or gloves, forget to take any medicine (i have dimetapp, and i don't trust the health center), and then die of pneumonia because i'm such a dork. i think i've had an ear infection for a while now too. jeesh, i really need to go to the health center. but knowing me, i won't unless someone convinces me to and then drags me there. in fact, just to convince myself that i'm not a complete idiot, i'm going to have some dimetapp now. mmm, grape flavor! there, i had 4 tsp, which was apparently what adults and children over 12 are supposed to have. and i didn't spill any! i'm really hungry. food sounds like a good idea now.

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