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I like grocery shopping at night. There's a 24-hour Giant Eagle about 5 minutes away, which is great for when I have those "crap, I keep forgetting to unclog the shower drain, so I should go buy some stuff for that and do it right now" moments. The best time to go shopping is after 10 pm. There's no traffic, I always get a good parking space, and the employees are more laid back. The store is almost empty, so I don't get anxious around so many strangers. I can stroll along, humming and twitching if I want, and there are almost never screaming children in earshot. It's wonderful. I highly recommend it.

I also rarely go to Walmart before 10 pm (I rarely go there anyway, but still), because that store is like a nightmare in the day time. It's already a huge sensory overload as it is, but during the day, the store is full of 600-pound people with mullets and their entourages of 8 children, clogging the aisles. I can't stand being in there for more than 15 minutes during the day. But not at night. I'm more relaxed when there aren't many people around.

Also, this video is hilarious (and NSFW):

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