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I had the VMAs on in the background last night while I was playing Runescape and on the phone. It was actually, for the most part, a good show. The tribute to Michael Jackson was beautiful, well-done, and touching. I'm glad they remembered him for the gifts he gave us, not the media mud-slinging, scandals, and his descent into train-wreckage. It made me nostalgic for the days when I'd watch him on MTV and VH1 (back in the good ol' days when those channels were all music videos, not trashy reality shows, before my parents decided to block them) and listen to the one tape I had, back when he still resembled an attractive human being and before the OMGPEDOPHILE accusations started pouring in. Long live the king indeed!

I'm kind of out of touch with the modern music world, since I tend to occasionally find artists I like and then listen to their music repeatedly, and I don't listen to the radio. So the only video I had actually seen was Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." I remember a few months ago, I was watching Logo (the GLBT channel) in the background, and they were playing some music videos. "Poker Face" came on, and I stopped whatever I was doing and just fixated on the video. I remember watching her, thinking, "wow, is this girl for real?" I also really like her video for "Paparazzi," because it's simultaneously beautiful and creepy, and the costumes are spectacularly absurd. I was really glad she got the best new artist award, and I love that she said "this is for the gays!" Her performance was also awesome. I find it kind of funny that people accuse her of being a hermaphrodite, since she often performs in outfits that look like glorified bathing suits, and I haven't seen any questionable bulges yet. So either she's female (at least externally) or has insane tucking skills. I also thought Pink's performance was really amazing. It takes a lot of skill to perform acrobatics in midair like that, especially while singing. I like when singers put on interesting shows, rather than just gyrating onstage the whole time.

The one thing that pissed me off was Kanye West's random act of epic douchebaggery. So Taylor Swift got an award, and she was just so stunned and thrilled, and clearly it was her moment of glory. I hadn't seen the video, but I liked the song, and it's always awesome when teenagers are acknowledged for their work, especially when competing with adults with more experience. So she was up there, thanking everybody, and then some guy I didn't recognize (I later found out it was Kanye West, the guy who apparently hates books and reading and is therefore automatically an idiot) came up, took the mic from her, and said that Beyonce's video was one of the best videos of all time. Poor Taylor just stood there with this WTF look on her face, and even Beyonce had this "thanks, but WTF" look. Way to ruin Taylor's moment, asshole. You don't just diss a teenage girl in front of the world like that, when she worked very hard for something and is receiving a major award for it. I hope the media rips you a new one for that. That was unspeakably rude.

Anyway. Really good show, except for that one moment.

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