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In my dream last night, I went to the weirdest shopping mall ever. I don't know if it was supposed to be a nightmare or not, since a) I hate going to the mall, and b) there were some really creepy things in there, but I was never scared, so I guess this was just a WTF dream. I was in the mall with my mom. We went into this store where they sold everything in tubes. Food, toys, weird stuff, everything was really brightly-colored and in tubes. I was waiting for my mom and got bored, so I walked to the other end of the mall, toward one of those kiosks where everyone was buying phone stuff or whatever.

Then I noticed these glass tank thingies that were open at the top, like they have in some pet stores where they let you pet the million bunnies without having to ask first. There were a whole bunch of these big tanks all lined up, going all the way down the length of the other side of the mall. (I guess the mall layout was like a rectangular track, with stores and these tanks back to back on the inside of the track.) There were creatures in these tanks, and they got progressively weirder and creepier. They started out with these cute little creatures that looked like longer-nosed guinea pigs. The creatures in the tanks were all ages - from newborns (I could even see some of the creatures giving birth, which was kind of disturbing) to old ones, and some were even dead. In another tank, they had these things that were like miniature hairless buffalo. Then there were creatures that looked sort of human-ish, only smaller, bald and naked, and emaciated (if not dead/dying). Then there were the centaurs. They were mini centaurs, dog-sized, and they looked like slightly decayed demons. Next to them were the mermaids, who were almost human-sized but rotten and nearly skeletal. Hello, zombie mythical creatures!

But the creepiest creatures were at the end, on either side of the stairs going up. They weren't in a tank, just a gravel/sand slope. They were skeletons, mostly buried in the white gravel/sand, and there were warning signs near them. They were called "inferi," like the zombies in Harry Potter, but they weren't exactly zombies. They weren't dead to begin with, and they did very strange things. They would just lie there, inanimate, mostly buried except for maybe their shoulders sticking out. Then, if someone got close to them, they would reanimate and somehow instantly convert the person to one of them, and the person would become a skeleton and lie and wait with them. But the person wouldn't die, and it was an easily reversible condition. All you had to do was go up to the person-turned-skeleton, sing/chant something in Latin (I know the chant had the word "morte" in it), and get them out of there before the other inferi(s) stirred and took the person (and/or you) back with them.

So, my mom came over to me, but an inferi got her by the stairs and turned her into one of them, and her skeleton burrowed in the sand/gravel by the stairs. I thought to myself, "crap, what do I do now?" I knew I had to go over there and turn her back to a human again, but I was worried that I wouldn't do it fast enough and the inferi that changed her would reanimate when I got there and change me too, and then I'd have to lie there as a skeleton and wait for someone to bring me back. I wondered what that would feel like.

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