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hehe i scored a 12! go me!

and now, a tori amos survey, courtesy of darkestfaerie

1. Which is your favourite album?
little earthquakes

2. Best album art?
i'd say boys for pele... and that picture of her nursing a piglet makes me smile

3. Best album title?
"little earthquakes" reminds me of the way i walk down stairs (i have no grace, and i sound like someone dropped a bowling ball)

4. All time fave tori song?
oh gee... probably "silent all these years" or "winter"

5. Fave song from Little Earthquakes?
see the above question
Under the Pink?
cornflake girl
Boys For Pele?
mr. zebra
From the Choirgirl Hotel?
playboy mommy
To Venus and Back?
Strange Little Girls?
probably "strange little girl" just because i identify with it... not one of her better albums, but her originals are much better than her covers
Scarlet's Walk?
amber waves, a sorta fairytale, taxi ride, and pancake... i can't pick a favorite

6. What was your first fave Tori song?
hmmm... probably "playboy mommy" since the first album i got was "from the choirgirl hotel" shortly after it came out

7. Have you ever named a cat/car/plant after a Tori song? explain.
not that i know of, but someday i want to have a cat named "winter" (preferrably black, hehehe)

8. What other things has Tori turned you onto?
megan got me into tori, and she also got me into other tori-related stuff (RDTRN, sandman, etc.), so it's all interconnected. i got into RAINN all by myself though. and for some reason, now i really like red wavy hair on girls. hmmmm...

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