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In my dream last night, I was going to a Tori Amos concert with Megan. When we got there, some lady said we needed to separate any metal items we had before going through security. For some reason, I was carrying around a plastic storage bin with random stuff in it, so I went through it. I think my sister was there, and she and the lady took the metal items somewhere, but I didn't see them again and wondered if/when I would get my stuff back. So Megan and I found our seats, only we were far away from the stage, in this little dining room area with glass walls. I sat at a table next to a guy I haven't seen since high school, but he was just staring ahead, ignoring everyone else. While Tori was performing, we decided to leave the table and walk close to the front. Then Tori changed her outfit and started singing one of Cinderella's songs from "Into the Woods." (I think it was "On the Steps of the Palace.") Then I tried to find the bathrooms, only they had a really weird layout.

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