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I wish the municipal people would have TOLD ME before they started tearing up the end of my driveway (also blocking me in for who knows how long), potentially tearing up my front lawn by the street (I see that backhoe lurking nearby), and TURNING OFF MY WATER. I did not know this until I visited the bathroom, attempted to wash my hands, and got nothing. I get very annoyed when I can't wash my hands properly. Hand sanitizer doesn't do it. I'll use it, but then I have to rinse off my hands. I didn't have any, so I finally just grabbed a disinfectant wipe out of the kitchen and used that. Now my hands smell like lemony chemicals, and my hands still have that "feeling" like there's a layer of something on them, and I really want to just rinse them off. But I can't, because these people just showed up this morning and started working on the water line in front of my house without even letting me know they were shutting off the water. Grrrr. So I guess I can't leave the house to even walk anywhere because I need to shower first, I can't eat because my hands are covered in cleaning chemicals, and I don't know when they're going to turn my water back on.

If I had KNOWN they were going to do this, I would have done all my water-requiring activities before they arrived and gone out to do the errands I was planning on doing today (which will have to wait until they leave). Of course, I was already planning on spending the morning loafing around on the computer, but I figured I would at least be able to WASH MY HANDS so I could feel clean without irritating my sensory issues.

It looks like they're just working on one corner of the driveway, and they just filled it with gravel, so I hope they'll be finished soon and will turn my water back on. I just don't like when people disrupt things without letting me know first.

Right as I was about to post this, someone came to the door and said they were going to come back Monday to put a cement patch over the spot they tore up in the driveway, and he asked if my water was working again. I immediately ran to the sink and rinsed my hands, so now I feel a lot better. Phew. I just hope they come back after 8 am on Monday, when I'll be at work.

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