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So, Geocities is closing today. I built my first website on Geocities when I was 14. I learned HTML and did all the coding myself, and I was proud of my work (however basic). Of course, I hadn't updated it in 6 years, and it was mostly teenage stories/artwork/pictures/ramblings, but it was my first real web presence. Blindingly bright color schemes and all. Fortunately, I saved everything. I think all the files are still on my old desktop computer, but I put them on my laptop just to make sure. A part of my early years on the web may die, but the files live on. Yep, all my old crappy stories and artwork. Farewell, The Land of Ade, you will be missed, if only by me.

It makes me want to boot up my slow-ass old desktop and upload half the pictures to Facebook. Especially the old Alpha pictures. Fun times.

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