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wooooooo!!!!!! today in the mail i got the hedwig soundtrack (the original one, not the movie soundtrack). so i'm rocking to "angry inch" now, and i'll probably be all hedwigged out for the week until i panic, realizing i have so little time left to catch up on reading, work on my project, do stuff for finals, etc.

speaking of wigs, this morning ally and i had to take down our magnificent installation. yes, the paper went to the recycle bin, the jelly beans went in the trash, and the mannequin returned to my room. i did get several pictures of the project, and i'll scan them later and post them here. but it made me sad to take the project down, and i had "tear me down" running through my head. it seemed appropriate. i wrote a little tribute to the death of the installation in my AIM profile (blupyglet if you didn't know already). *sigh* but ally let me keep the wig, woohoo! i think i'll let jenn borrow it because she adores it. someday i should dress the mannequin as hedwig.

i sent cj a birthday card, since she turns 38 on friday. she's still down about being a spinster at her age, but that's ok. i'll probably be the same way when i'm her age, except hopefully i'll be emotionally stable and have a cat or two or 74. and purple hair.

well, that's it for now. i must do a bit of homework, dress the mannequin, and be productive before film class. then i can put on some makeup, turn on the 8-track, and pull the wig down from the shelf... suddenly i'm miss beehive 1963 until i wake up and i turn back to myself... (yes, i'm all about the random hedwig references)

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