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I had some odd dreams last night. But the first one needs a little background, for those of you who didn't go to high school with me. So, about 11 years ago, 20/20 did a segment on my school. I don't remember the whole story, but apparently, this group of girls had been bullying two other girls. (I recognized a couple of the bullies but didn't know the victims.) After some of the girls physically assaulted one or both of the victims, the school finally did something about it. Apparently the bullies got suspended for a week or two, and the administrators urged the victims' parents to send them to a private school out of the district (which the parents had to pay for). Shining example of epic fail. So, Barbara Walters and anchor-whose-name-I-forget were discussing how poorly my school handled bullying. (Finally, someone acknowledged it... I had several friends who were severely traumatized by bullying, a couple to the point of self-mutilation and suicide attempts.) They interviewed the bullies, and one of them was this really nasty-looking piece of white trash, I'll call her "E." She denied ever bullying the girls, and then when the interviewer pointed out evidence that she did, she said, "well... they was instigatin' it." I was also on the segment, for about 5 seconds, since they filmed people getting off my bus the first day of 9th grade. Yay, brief fame.

So, fast forward a year. E was in my gym class. I had never interacted with her before, and I tried to avoid her. But I guess she decided she needed to pick on someone, and I seemed to be an easy target because of my height. So she'd come up to me every now and then and ask me annoying questions that were clearly meant to be insults (like "Do you know how ugly you are?" or "Are you on medication? Well, you should be!"). She also told other girls that I had insulted them, when I never said anything about them, and she once told the teacher I had insulted her when I didn't (even though I wish I did). Her comments didn't really bother me, since I always thought of bullying as just an annoyance and didn't let it get to me. I'd been dealing with bullies since kindergarten, so E was just another one of them. So whenever she came up and started barraging me with whatever stupid comments she could think of, I would respond by saying weird and sometimes creepy things. After a month or two, she left me alone and avoided me. I later overheard her telling another girl (who was actually a so-so friend of mine), "that girl scares me!" My friend laughed and said, "Who, Shorty?" Muhahahahaaaaa, bully deterrent plan successful!

So, on to the dream. I went to some restaurant in Monroeville with Nick. We sat down at a table, and I noticed E and a couple of her friends walking around and talking to people at another table. I hoped she wouldn't notice me so I wouldn't have to deal with her. But she did, and she and her friends came and sat at our table. She had this fake smile and was pretending to be friendly. But she kept asking really personal, awkward questions, which I refused to answer. I got up from the table for a minute, and she turned to Nick and started asking him things about me. He looked pretty annoyed and uncomfortable. I came back to the table, and she got up and started talking about somethingorother (I forget what she said), but then she dropped the fake friendliness and went over to this giant bag of cat or dog food by the window and started ripping up pieces of paper into it. Nick was trying to stop her, and then when I tried to, she decided to dump out half the bag. I looked around, hoping a waitress was nearby to kick her out, but the waitress was ignoring the scene. So I got irritated and told her to leave, and Nick opened the doors to this patio area outside.

She and her friends eventually left, and then Nick and I left too. We went out into the parking lot, and instead of a car, I had this weird balloon vehicle. There was this seat area, kind of like the seat on a Ferris wheel with a bar in front, and the vehicle was controlled by these two helium balloons above. Apparently one balloon controlled the height, and the other turned the thing. So we got in, and I was in a hurry to get out of there because E and her friends were bothering someone else in the parking lot, and I didn't want them to come back and bug us too. So I had these two backpacks, and I put one on my lap, and I had to hold a big skein of yarn between my feet. We went high up into the sky, and I turned the balloon device around to head home. For some reason, Monroeville looked like green hills with castle-like buildings from the sky.

As we were flying to my house, the yarn started unraveling, until some of it hit the ground in this courtyard area. I reached down and started pulling the yarn back up, and I eventually pulled up this little Italian man who said he was trying to get a job as a bartender at some bar near my house. I laughed and told him "you're hired!" and tried to lower him back to the ground. But the yarn decided to be really elastic, like a bungee cord, and it would go really low and then come back up. I didn't want to slam the guy into the ground, so I was trying to be careful, but then the yarn came back with no guy attached. Then my point of view changed, and it was as though the town had become the size of a model railroad (or I was just really huge) and I was leaning over the town, looking for the man. I saw him lying in a weird, twisted position and picked him up (from my perspective at that point, he was maybe half an inch tall). He looked like he was made of plastic, then paper, but I was pretty sure he was dead. So I set him down gently and went home. Then I looked in the mirror and saw that I had remnants of face paint all over my face, it looked like it said something about a sports team.

In another dream last night, apparently Ben and I had similar "dreams" that didn't make much sense separately but told a story when put together. The "dreams" took place on a boat, in this library-like place. There was this open window in the hull, and I saw two different people in the window. The first was apparently Davy Jones (though I kept calling him Cthulu), and the second was a dead boy, maybe 9 years old, with long, wavy hair. Ben had apparently seen a weeping woman and the same boy, only dying. So we put the dreams together and figured out that the boy was perfectly healthy, but Davy Jones had programmed his mind or something and made him appear sick, and then he suddenly died, and his body went out the window into the ocean, and his mother wept for him. It was pretty bizarre. Then we decided to go see the last Harry Potter movie (which was apparently out already), and at one point, Harry grabbed this guy who was apparently young Voldemort, and kissed him, and every female in the theater (including me) screamed "YEAH!" And apparently there was also a Simpsons version of "Mamma Mia." (Now THAT would be interesting!)

Oy, the things my brain does while I'm asleep...

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