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I had a really busy but really fun weekend. I finally planted the rest of my bulbs, so I hope they survive and then make my yard look like a rainbow explosion in the spring. Last night, I went over and played games with my SCAdian neighbors. I hadn't played DnD in ages, but that was fun too. I also found out what I'd been wondering for a year and a half: the neighbor with the big Jesus statuary in front (who used to have the Dubya cutout in the window) often had the Buffo the clown truck in the driveway. Apparently it's her son.

Today, I went with my neighbors to the barony meeting. It was only my second barony meeting (the first one was over a year ago), but it was a lot of fun. My baron and baroness live in a castle. It is so cool. You're driving on this road, and it's McMansion, McMansion, castle, McMansion... There's a secret passageway in the library, a drawbridge over the moat (which is dry), a huge hall with all sorts of paintings, etc. At one point, they threw pumpkins off the roof, which was fun. I tried throwing some axes, and I didn't do too horribly. The second one I threw stuck on the border of the bullseye. There was also lots and lots and lots of pie. I took a class on sculpting with marzipan, that was fun. There was all sorts of stuff going on, and it was a lot of fun.

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