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At some point in the wee hours this morning, I woke up with that funny feeling in my head that almost always marks the beginning of a cold. I had a feeling I'd get sick after Thanksgiving because of all the little kids jumping on me. Meh. Hopefully, this will just be a typical cold where my head explodes for a few days and then clears up. I know Kara had swine flu, but that was months ago, and she said it was mild. But this just feels like a typical cold, so I'm not worried.

North Carolina was fun, for the most part. Kara (who is 10) is my height now, and Ashley (9) and Danny (8) are within a few inches. Kara was a total Clingon the whole time and wouldn't leave me alone. So after that and 4 other kids demanding my attention, I was socially exhausted and still need time to recover.

Jasmine was born on Friday morning, so we went to visit the hospital. I hadn't visited a newborn baby since my sister was born, 20 years ago. So Katie has to share her birthday, hahaha. Jasmine was a big baby too, 9 pounds and 7-ish (I think) ounces.

I got people some early holiday presents. In the car on the way back from visiting Grandma, Kara and Danny were playing with the Nerf guns I got them. Kara said, "The problem is, these cocks are so hard to pull!" and my uncle Sam and I just busted out laughing. They didn't get what was so funny, so we told them that a cock was a type of chicken, so it sounded like she was talking about pulling chickens. It was really hard to avoid making innuendo around the kids.

Holy crap, it's the last day of November. Where did the year go, and why am I geeting teeny wrinkles around my eyes? Well, I'm looking forward to January, because then that whole Christmas season will be over. It's annoying that the season seems to start before Halloween and takes up over two months of the year. I'd like to go grocery shopping without hearing that annoying Salvation Army bell on the way in and out. It drives me nuts. But at least it's the time of year when people give out candy canes a lot.

Speaking of the last day of November, I did make a lot of progress on my novel this month. I didn't finish it, but I organized most of it and filled in some gaps. And that's good enough for me.

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