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I had a rather interesting dream last night. It took place somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia, and I have the feeling it happened a long time ago, possibly hundreds of years in the past. I was standing in a murky gray "salt bog," and everything was cloudy and gray. In the middle of the salt bog, there was this big tunnel area made of giant, ancient tree roots. It was as if there had once been enormous trees rooted in the bog, but they had been chopped down to the roots. Some of the roots were as thick as trees, and they made an arched tunnel in the middle of the bog.

A woman waded into the bog (the whole bog was only a few feet deep, perhaps knee-deep to a normal-sized person) and entered the tunnel. As she walked through, she found a dead woman against one of the roots. All I could see was the head, so I don't know if the rest of her was sitting against the root. The face was half-rotted, but the salt had preserved it and mummified it. The woman's hair (I think it was blonde or light brown) was tied into a ponytail. The woman who found it freaked out and decided to bring the dead woman back to her village to see if anyone could identify her. So she grabbed the dead woman by the ponytail and dragged her that way. But only the head came with her, so I don't know if it came off the body or if it was already off or what. So this woman ran out of the bog, dragging this mummified severed head with her. She showed people the head, but nobody recognized the dead woman, and apparently nobody was missing or anything. So then the woman walked into a house and decided to set the head on a table and leave it there. I thought it was kind of funny, just having this random mummified head lying on your table.

Later, the woman went back to the bog, where she met up with some friends in the root-tunnel. Apparently they were witches, and they had some sort of setup in the bog tunnel. There was another dead body in there, but that body was of a woman they considered a "saint," and they took care of the body, making sure it was preserved with the salty water. Then the body started to move, and the dead woman sat up as if she had been asleep, and started talking to me. I don't remember what she said, I think she was just talking about how she woke up from being dead or something.

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