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I had some interesting dreams last night (especially since I dozed off on the couch really early and just went to bed after that, skipping dinner and everything). In the first one, there was a young man with shoulder-length pale hair. He was fairly muscular and had white wings with gold around the edges, and I think he was just wearing a pair of black pants. He was a god, but he didn't know it. He reminded me a little of my story-god Andhi-Loakua (aka Andy), and some people referred to him as Andy, but this was a different god. I guess maybe it was the hair and face and pants thing that reminded me of Andhi-Loakua. Sometimes I saw the man from the outside, and sometimes I saw things from his perspective.

So blond god guy was flying above this body of water. Four streams met at a small lake, and there were tall pillars at the corners. It was very surreal looking, with really bright colors, beautiful foliage, etc. The god landed on one of the pillars and looked down at the water. Then he took his pants off and dove in. I mostly saw things from his perspective as he swam. The water was deep and clear, and as he swam among the seaweed, some of it clung around his hips and legs, as if making new pants for him. Some mermaids swam along with him, and a few tried to touch him, but he swam away from them. I guess he swam towards one of the streams, where there were rooms below the surface. I think he met a woman there, but I don't remember. Then he surfaced and swam towards another stream. This one was much shallower, and there were several levels, as if it was an artificial backyard pond. It was filled with lots of goldfish and koi, and the god stood and walked upstream. At one point, he reached down to pet one of the larger koi.

He eventually stepped out of the stream and walked over to a makeshift camp. Two other gods were sitting there. I think they were Odin and Thor. They told the man that he was a god, and he needed to revert to his true form or something. So he shook his hair, and suddenly he looked a little more wild and disheveled. One of the gods told him his true name was Loki, and he needed to find and restore his weapon. There was a pile of wooden weapons, and Andy/Loki/whoever thought he was supposed to have a warhammer, but he picked out a battleaxe. I guess there was some type of anvil thing inside one of the tents, and one of the gods told him to strike the wooden weapon on it, and it would turn to metal. That was all I really remembered of that dream.

In a later dream, I was in my basement, only it didn't look like my basement, and it was much larger. I was trying to rearrange the "kitchen" down there, and there were tons of shelves of stuff I was trying to move. Then I walked around, trying to figure out what to do with all the space. There were a bunch of people at my house, including my mom, sister, and friend's mom, plus a bunch of random people I didn't know. I walked into what was supposed to be a spare bathroom that I had never really seen before. There was this enormous shower in there that just blew me away, and I called everyone to come see it. The shower itself was about the size of my house. There were jets going along the walls, and there was a regular showerhead in one corner. The floor was a little bouncy. So people were turning the water jets on, and I was bouncing and skipping through the shower. I decided to run through the jets (apparently forgetting that I'd probably slip and fall and crack my head open). It was apparently my birthday, so my mom gave me a bright turquoise toilet. The end.

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