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Writer's Block: Password protected

If your best friend and/or romantic partner read all of your email for the last month (or longer), how would it impact your relationship(s) and why?

It wouldn't. If a good friend looked in my inbox, (s)he would probably say something like, "Wow, you really need to go on a deleting spree. How many mailing lists are you on, anyway? And why does your dad keep forwarding you annoying conservative political chain emails when he should know very well that you don't give a crap about politics?"

There's nothing particularly scandalous in my emails from the last month or so. But I do need to go on a deleting spree. There are currently 3830 messages in my Gmail inbox. I need to go through and delete all the Facebook notifications, Joann coupons, and "Dad spam." (I "unsubscribed" a few years ago, but I guess that must have expired.)
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