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In my dream last night, I was in some sort of writing group. There were a few random friends/acquaintances there, and I had an idea for a story. I looked at the girl sitting across from me (someone I've only met in person once but occasionally talk to online) and had an idea. It seemed brilliant at the time, and I couldn't wait to write the story.

The story took place about 130 years in the future. Apparently scientists had developed vaccines for AIDS, cancer, and other diseases. And then at some point, they had developed a "gay vaccine." Apparently if you got the vaccine, it would either turn you straight or prevent you from becoming gay in the future, depending on your current status. I guess it worked on everyone on the GLBT spectrum, they just used "gay" as a blanket term. So then the fundamentalist Christians apparently funded some sort of worldwide gay vaccine thing, and a lot of people either got the vaccine or gave it to their kids. But what they didn't know was that the vaccine had an interesting side effect. It would turn you straight, but all your kids (and any future generations) would be gay. So a generation later, there was some sort of gaysplosion, and from then on, the world was mostly gay people, and heterosexuals were in the minority.

At the time of the story, this had apparently gone on for a few generations, and the earth's population was rapidly decreasing due to the gays not breeding as much. They still had kids, I would assume, just not as often, and there were few "accidents." The protagonist was a young female, and she was "97% straight." I'm not sure what the plot was, but I think it involved hitting on a bunch of identical cartoonish lesbian housewives on one street or something. I don't know, the dream sort of faded into randomness at that point.

I woke up thinking the story idea was brilliant, and I should write it down. Then, as the sleep-disorientation faded, I realized how ridiculous it was. But it was still pretty interesting.

I'll probably post about holiday-related stuff later. I'm back in Monroeville. I think I need a vacation after my vacation to just recover from everything. Ah well, 3-day weekend!

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