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One of my goals this year (I tend to avoid "resolutions," because I know I'll break them) is to be more active in the SCA, especially on a local level. I think I'll be more likely to do this, since I found out my neighbors three houses away are active SCAdians, and I went to one of the meetings at the castle with them. (The castle is pretty awesome. I think I talked about it in some post a couple months ago after the meeting.) I think the 12th Night event is at the end of the month, so I should probably go to that too.

Aside from going to events more, I want to develop my persona. And that means picking out a name, already. I mean, I've had like 10 years to think of one. I have a few in mind, but they're kind of common, and to me, common = boring, even if they're significant to me. But I've decided I need to figure out a name by Pennsic, because Ade isn't a period name.

But the main thing I'm trying to figure out is what to wear. I've pretty much gone with the whole tunic-and-pants combo, and that works for me, but I feel like I should expand my wardrobe. Except I have no idea where to go from there. It's not so much about sticking to a particular culture and/or time period, since I'm not tying myself down to one specific area right now (and when I do develop a persona, I'm not going to restrict my attire based on that... it's more fun to play around). What I'm concerned about is my bull-headed androgyny. Now, it works for me in modern times. I can wear what I want and shop in the men's department half the time, and it's no big deal. But things were different in the middle ages, and people were less ok with gender-neutrality. So being a girl, that would involve wearing dresses/skirts. But for the past 20 years or so, dresses/skirts have been pretty much off-limits for me, unless my parents harrassed me into it. I've attempted to try wearing them a few times over the years, but something just doesn't feel right. It feels weird dressing like a girl, and non-pants clothing feels funny. I need to have that layer of fabric separating my legs, or I feel awkward and exposed. Wearing some sort of pants underneath does help, but that's not as practical at Pennsic, when you're walking around in the sun (when it's not pouring rain, of course) in August. So less clothing is better. (And I won't even go into my need-to-wear-X-amount-of-loose-clothing-or-I-feel-naked issues.)

And even if I did decide to bite the bullet and wear a (gulp) dress every now and then, I wouldn't know how to go about buying or making one. See, women's clothes are weird. They're all tapered and complicated and curve-accomodating and stuff, whereas guy clothes are simpler (well, unless you go with some of the fancier men's clothing, with the puffed and slashed sleeves or ruffly collars or other frilly nonsense). I like to keep things simple. But I have no idea how to shop for non-androgynous women's clothing. I don't know what to wear that will be loose, not form-fitting in any way (I have to "breathe" all over, or I feel intensely uncomfortable - even wearing socks gets irritating after so many hours), and cover all the parts that my weird sense of comfort/modesty demands that I must cover. Maybe something like an extra-long tunic? I don't know. Maybe I should learn how to dress like a girl or something. Or not. I mean, the tunic-and-pants thing works. But I'm trying to vary my garb a little, and my usual wear-the-same-stuff-all-the-time approach isn't helping.

As you can see, I get stuck in a rut very easily and have a hard time breaking out of it and trying new things. (Well, in many areas, anyway. I'm always open to trying new things in culinary/crafting/traveling/etc. areas.) I need to do something about this. And I need to set up my sewing machine for once and start making stuff.

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