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In my dream last night, I was going to a large, castle-like cathedral, though I'm not sure why. Inside, I was sitting in a pew, looking around and occasionally glancing at some sort of newsletter. My mom and some other people were sitting on some sort of shelf about 10 feet above the ground, and I wondered how they had gotten up there. I think I was sitting with someone who was apparently also my mom, and I wondered for a minute how it was possible for me to have two moms.

Then I walked into another area of the church and sat down in a pew. One of my friends was sitting there with my dad. A girl I can't stand (let's call her Bitchface) sat in the pew in front of us, and I was trying to ignore her. I'm not sure why she was in the dream, because I cut her out of my life a while ago and haven't spoken to her recently. Still, she occasionally shows up in anxiety dreams, so I guess this was an anxiety dream. I'm not sure why she, my dad, and I were in a church, since my friend was the only one likely to willingly set foot in a church. My friend was tired, so he kind of lay down next to my dad (who was just sitting there, doing nothing) as if he was going to sleep, but I think he was still talking to me. I think he said he got two bunnies, and one of them was blind. Bitchface was trying to talk to us, but I was ignoring her, pretending she didn't exist. So she came and sat in the pew with us, got in my face, and demanded somethingorother, I forget what. I was writing a note to my friend (I don't remember what I was writing, but I think I mentioned having a disabled gerbil years ago), and she grabbed my pen and tried to yank it away. But I yanked it back, finished the note, and tried to rip it from the notebook to give to my friend. But the notebook sort of blended with the fabric on my lap, and I rolled over, away from Bitchface, and woke up.

I lay awake, annoyed, for 10 minutes or so, but I went back to sleep. In the next dream, I was at my house, but the upstairs looked different. In my house, the stairs go up to a small landing, and there's a room on either side. In the dream, however, the stairs went up to a hallway. I don't know what was on one side of the hallway, but there was one room at the end of the hallway and one room next to it, with the door on the adjacent wall. Apparently Bitchface lived in the room at the end of the hallway, and my room was next to it. I don't know why she was living in my house, but whatever. So I went into that room, and it looked fairly barren, and I think there was only a couch and table in there. My friend and my dad were sitting on the couch, as though they hadn't really budged from the church scene, and Bitchface was standing across from them.

I went in and sort of lay down on the floor, with my head at my friend's feet. Bitchface started throwing random things at me, and they all landed on the back of my head. I know there was some sort of cell phone adapter and random lightweight things, but then Bitchface poured a bunch of plastic beads on the back of my head. I stood up, combing the beads out of my hair, and was trying to sort the beads back into these plastic containers. I was going to ask Bitchface if we could have a truce, and I wanted to write it down. I think I left the room to go find a notebook, and I went downstairs. I came back up a while later, and I stood in the doorway of the room, where I couldn't see anyone in the room. I announced that I had returned, and I heard the crack of a whip and saw the end flicker down by the floor. I yelled, "I guess that's my cue to leave!" and walked away, feeling angry. I didn't want to leave my friend and dad alone with that crazy girl, who was apparently cracking a whip.

Then I remembered that my neighbors were coming over for dinner, and I had about 15 minutes to prepare. Apparently Bitchface knew my neighbors, though I'm not sure how she knew them. So I walked into my room, and there were two twin beds in there, instead of my full size one. There was a blanket-covered person curled up in the fetal position in one bed, and I knew it was my friend. I looked around for Bitchface, and I think she was under the blankets in the other bed. So I walked in and thought about changing my shirt (I was wearing this purple hippie shirt that I haven't worn for a while), but then my friend woke up, and we started talking.

The scene changed, and I was in my room at my mom's house. Oddly enough, her house looked the same in my dream as it does in reality (familiar places usually look different in my dreams, for some reason). My friend and Bitchface were there, and another friend was there too (I think it might have been Sarah, but I don't really remember). We were sitting on the floor talking, and then I walked into the adjacent bathroom. Bouncer hopped up on the counter and let me pet her, but something wasn't right. She started drooling some white liquid and then puked a pool of white and red liquid on the mirror. My friend came into the bathroom, and I started wiping the puddle up. I realized that she had puked a combination of milk and blood, and I was worried about her. I put her in the sink to wash her off, and she shrank until she had turned into a little hamster. I picked her up, and she shrank until she had disappeared. I shut the water off and searched for her in the sink, hoping she hadn't washed down the drain. My friend found her and scooped her up, but by that time, she had turned into an ant-sized, squirming white bug.

Bitchface was actually concerned about Bouncer, but I told her I was just having an anxiety dream (apparently it was a dream within a dream, only they could see it too). I said I was going to go downstairs and check on the cats. I was still holding the bug, and when I walked downstairs, it had turned into a nasty earwig-like creature and was pinching me, so I tossed it outside. Bouncer was sitting in the kitchen, looking healthy and fine, and I looked around and saw that all the other cats (including my mom's) were around and fine (although Galahad was lying on the back porch, and he's not allowed outside). My mom and a bunch of random people and a couple dogs were out on the back porch, and it looked like my neighbors had arrived for dinner (at my mom's house?). So I went upstairs and told my friends and Bitchface that the cats were all fine and they should come down for dinner with my neighbors. But they just sat there, staring at me.

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